Best Men’s Electric Shavers

You’re a busy man, but you still want to look well-groomed. You don’t want to waste valuable time with a wet shave – you just want to flick a switch, get rid of your stubble and get out the door. So for the stylish man on the go, the only sensible option is an electric shaver – but how do you know which is the best one to buy?

There are a myriad of different brands, types and prices – so picking the right one can be tough, which is why we’ve put together this website. is an all-inclusive guide to finding the best men’s electric shaver, along with reviews of the top-rated electric shavers. To save you having to read through all the reviews, we’ve also put together this table highlighting the basic details of the best electric shavers.

Different Electric Shaver Types

Foil vs Rotary – What’s the Difference?

The two types of electric shaver available are Foil and Rotary, which use different technologies to give similar results. The best electric shaver for you depends on personal preference, but there are some guidelines to suggest which will work most effectively for you.

Foil Electric Shaver
The shaving head of a foil shaver

Foil: Foil shavers typically have 2-3 straight cutting blocks with many blades, which are covered by a thin layer of metal with many holes (the foil). The foil is fixed, and each block oscillates from side to side to cut the hair as it passes through the holes in the foil.

The blades on a foil shaver are closer to the skin, so give a closer shave compared to rotary shavers. They also give a neater finish on straight edges, for example when you’re trimming sideburns. For best results, shave using an up and down motion.

Use a Foil Shaver if you:

  • Have fine, straight hair
  • Shave every day
  • Want a more precise, clean shave
Rotary Electric Shaver
The head of a rotary shaver

Rotary: Rotary shavers tend to feature two or three circular shaving elements on the head, with each element consisting of a spinning blade hidden under a foil guard. The heads are designed to follow the contours of your face, and as you move the shaver, the rotating blades cut off the hairs.

Rotary shavers give you the best results when you have thick or coarse hair, and are cutting longer hairs, so they’re ideal if you don’t shave every day. For best results, use a circular motion combined with a back and forth movement.

Use a Rotary Shaver if you:

  • Don’t shave every day
  • Have thick or coarse hair
  • Don’t need the closest shave

Electric Shaver Manufacturers

The four main manufacturers of men’s electric shavers are Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Remington. Philips specialise in rotary shavers (which they invented back in 1939, under the Philishave brand), while Braun and Panasonic produce foil shavers. Remington offer both Rotary and Foil shavers in their range.

Mains or Rechargable Electric Shavers

Another important decision you need to make when choosing the best electric shaver for you is whether you buy a mains-powered or rechargeable shaver. This is an important factor to consider, as it will determine when and where you can shave.

Rechargeable shavers are great if you travel – charge it up before you go, and it will last you several days before requiring a mains supply to recharge. If you do decide to buy a rechargeable shaver, another factor to consider is whether they will run when plugged directly into the mains even when the battery is flat. Some shavers don’t have this feature, and you’ll need to wait until it is charged before you can use it even if it is plugged in. Some rechargeable shavers have a quick-charge feature, which will provide enough charge for a single shave after just a few minutes of charging.

Advantages of Electric Shavers

Convenience: Rechargeable electric shavers can be taken and used anywhere – not just over your bathroom sink.

Effort: Just pick up your shaver, switch it on and glide it around your face – it’s as easy as that! If wet shaving always feels like too much effort when you’re rushing to get ready for work, then definitely consider moving over to an electric shaver.

Less Mess: Electric shavers don’t require any shaving gels or foam, so you don’t even need to get your face wet!

Maintenance: If you use a typical wet shaver, you’ll need to replace the blade regularly. Depending on the type of shaver you have, the blades can be quite expensive so the cost soon mounts up. Electric shavers don’t require anywhere near the same amount of maintenance – just a quick brush clean, and possibly replacing the blades once a year.

Quality: While it’s arguable whether an electric shaver can provide as close a shave as a wet shaver, the difference can be very close. Also electric shavers cause less damage to the skin, and if used correctly will reduce razor burn, nicks and cuts and will generally irritate your skin less.

Speed: Want to be out the front door as quickly as possible? Then there’s no doubt about it – electric shavers are a lot faster than wet shaving. If you’re not fussed about having the closest possible shave every morning, then you can save several minutes every morning by investing in an electric shaver – and that time saving soon adds up!

The Best Electric Shaver Reviews

Braun Series 3 340s-4Foil£4.4
Braun Series 7 790cc-4Foil£££££4.6
Panasonic ES-RF31Foil££4.3
Philips AquaTouch AT890/20Rotary££4.3
Philips AquaTouch AT899/16Rotary£3.7
Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920/19Rotary£££4.3
Philips PowerTouch PT720/17Rotary£3.5
Remington F7800Foil£4.3